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John Boos & Co. Cutting Board Cream, 5oz

In addition to being finely constructed, durable and suitable for many years of demanding kitchen use, John Boos. & Co. products are environmentally sourced, and meet strict sanitation standards. Regular use of this cutting board cream helps maintain your cutting board stay good as new for many years, in addition to meeting all the Boos dedication to quality and food safety.
- This All Natural Formula Penetrates Deeply Into The Grains Of The Wood, Leaves A Silky Wax Barrier And Locks Moisture In
- Used Regularly, Boos Block Board Cream Will Replenish The Moisture Lost From Repeated Washings, Keeping Your Butcher Blocks, Cutting Boards, And Utensils From Drying, Bleaching And Cracking.
- Boos Block Board Cream Is A Special Combination Of Natural Unbleached Beeswax And Food Grade Mineral Oil.

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