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Recreated: Pineapple Coconut Cream Soda in a Sodastream

We love using the Sodastream to make carbonated water. It's an interesting device that we've become quite addicted to.


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Corn, but not corn tacos

We love tacos! Like who doesn't?

Tacos, or thin flat bread with yummy stuff on them, are a staple for us. I love working with glutenous flour so we usually opt for a flour taco over a corn taco

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3 Types of Hummus, and 1 Vitamix Winner

A few weeks ago we launched a fun promotion to highlight the amazing new line of Vitamix Ascent blenders.....

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Huckleberries vs. Acai Berries, which is better?

Superfoods are just that. They're food that gives you an high amount of nutrients per gram, and assist in keeping your system able to fight of disease

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Summer Inspiration - Pesto 3 Ways

Pesto is a summertime gift. Abundant basil makes creating variations of this nutrient dense sauce or dip amazing. Every year at this time we go a bit overboard and make different recipes until we are fairly saturated. As my mother would say, "if you eat anymore of that it's going to grow out of your ears".   As much as I try, it hasn't happened yet.

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