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You’ll find everything you need to get more enjoyment out of cooking and food, right here. But we’re more than a website. In our stores, you’ll find friendly and helpful people who love their time in the kitchen as much as you do. And in our cooking school, you’ll learn from professionals who are passionate about sharing all they know about food. A lot of the best things in life are about family, friends and food, and we’re here to help make them even better.

Whether you prefer to pitch in and start chopping or sit back and keep watching, we have cooking classes and demos for all attitudes and aptitudes. While having fun, you will also learn a lot from people who know their stuff and are eager to have you taste it. It's also a great chance to try out some of our amazing kitchen gear!

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" The class was such a fun, relaxed evening. Chef Cosmo was so great at explaining things - I learned (and ate!) so much! The hardest thing now is deciding which one to take next! "
Cathy S.
- Saanich

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