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The Ocean Wise Cookbook 2


A sequel to the best—selling The Ocean Wise Cookbook, this is an all-new collection of recipes for sustainable seafood. Made with the help of the world-renowned Vancouver Aquarium, this book contains updated information on how an environmentally conscious consumer can make ocean—friendly buying choices and turn them into delicious meals. This book contains over 100 recipes from some of Canada's top chefs and restaurants. The book's editor, Jane Mundy has found that Canadian chefs care about living in a world where future generations can enjoy our aquatic bounty just as we do, and have supported the project by providing some of their favourite recipes for cooking fish and seafood. It also includes up—to—date resources for which fish are best to buy, guides to important seafood cooking techniques, and advice from top chefs. Make your next meal both sustainable and delicious with one of these Ocean Wise recipes. Meals include: Hot Smoked Sockeye Salmon with Charred Orange and Maple Syrup Rainbow Trout Ceviche Savory Anchovy Eclairs Grilled Guajillo Spot Prawns with Gazpacho Seaweed Salad

Ocean Wise is a nationwide conservation program created by the Vancouver Aquarium to educate restaurants and consumers about the issues surrounding sustainable seafood. 

- 376 pages

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