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Pralus Tablette Ghana


As it goes with most French chocolate makers, Francois Pralus walks the line between dark roast and burned cacao. Imagine barbequed cacao. This season Pralus' Djakarta, Indonesia and Madagascar offerings are a revelation. We never know which bars will shine, but each year we know that several of his bars will be among our absolute favorites. Pralus offers a huge array of 75% dark bars with rare and common origins. At 100 grams Pralus's bars are a fine deal in the luxury chocolate world.
Spicy, deep cocoa notes, long lasting aromas.
When tasting this Ghana chocolate don't expect any spice, fruit or floral aromas. What will strike you is its deep, rich, luscious and powerful chocolate aroma.
-Made in Roanne, France-Size: 100g

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