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Miyabi 600D 7-in. Granton Edge Santoku - Morimoto Edition

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These knives are a fusion of traditions: Japanese style blades with a Western 3-rivet handle design. Exquisite Damask-style waves are revealed as 64 layers of polished stainless steel wrap the blade's razor sharp CMV60 core.

- Santoku: The Santoku knife is the all-rounder for Asian cuisine used in preparing fish, meat or vegetables. Where the Chef's knife has a curved blade and a high tip, the Santoku blade is much straighter with a low tip. Versions of this knife are manufactured with either a standard-edged blade or a hollow ground edge, also known as a granton edge. The purpose of the granton style blade is to assist with keeping particles from sticking to the knife edge as it cuts, as well as to reduce friction for an easier and faster chopping motion.

- Size: 7" / 180 mm
- CMV60 super steel core
- CRYODUR vacuum tempered blades
- Honbazuke honing process ensures long-lasting cutting performance
- 64 layers of stainless steel (32 layers per side) wrap the blade core and are polished to reveal exquisite Damask-style waves
- 60 degree Rockwell Hardness
- Edge Angle: 9.5-12 degree per side
- Western style triple-riveted handle
- Half bolster, fully exposed tang
- Made in Seki, Japan
- All MIYABI products are fully guaranteed against defects in material and /or craftsmanship

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