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Cahoots Hibiscus Simple Syrup 200ml


Delicious takes time. Cahoots syrups are made using a long cold-steeping process that extracts only the essential flavours we put in the brew. It’s not the easiest or the fastest method, but it’s the best one. Call it what you will—cold brewed, cold steeped, cold-process infused—as long as you call it delicious.

Bright, brilliant hibiscus flowers are a feast for the eyes... and the taste buds, with an equally vibrant flavour that shines in Cahoots Hibiscus. It’s a veritable bloom of taste, rounded out by tangy notes of ginger and a hint of star anise. 

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Cahoots 75

The Botanical Garden


Sugar, Water, Hibiscus, Star Anise, Lemon, Ginger

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