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Growing Chefs

Who is Growing Chefs?

Growing Chefs! is a registered charity whose mission is to teach children, families and communities about healthy, sustainable eating and food systems.

What do they do?

Growing Chefs! sends teams of chef volunteers into elementary schools to show kids how to grow vegetables, how to cook, and to get them excited about growing and eating healthy food. It’s all hands on – the kids plant the seeds, get their hands in the soil, harvest, prep and then cook the veggies. The chef volunteers want kids to know that, even in the city, they can grow their own food.
Growing Chefs

Why do we support them?

Because we love everything they do - and want to see it grow. We also believe that if you can teach kids how fun it is to be in the kitchen, and how easy it is to grow and make delicious food, you will be giving them a healthier, happier life.
Growing Chefs!

How do we support them?

Any way we can. For one thing, we’ll be sponsoring four classrooms over the next year: one classroom in North Vancouver, two in Vancouver, and one in Victoria. We were also proud to donate Zwilling Cookware (Staub, Miyabi, Zwilling, Zwilling Pro, Twin, Sensation) and a trip for two to Victoria thanks to our partnership with Helijet, for the silent auction at their annual fundraising event, the Farm to Forks Gala.
Growing Chefs!
And in all our stores and many of our ads, we’re featuring these pictures of kids learning to love cooking with the help of Chef Ned Bell and Chef Jonathan Chovancek as a way to teach more people about Growing Chefs!. We know that once people find out about it and how great it is for kids, it will grow like carrots. Or even zucchini.  
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