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Our amazing teaching kitchen is all set for your next staff party. We can help you plan a fun, hands-on cooking class for your friends and workmates. All you'll need to do is send the invites!

Private Kitchen Events

Completely take over our kitchen? Oh, yes, you can. Our favourite ingredient at Cook Culture is fun - and that can be fun with the people you work with, fun with a pre-wedding party, or fun with your friends. Plus, you'll get {double fudge} brownie points for finding something new for your group to do! We have a few ideas we like, but if you have a better idea, we're open to that, too. We'll help make it happen. Then we may steal it.

Chef's Table

This is the sit-down option: one of our house chefs will cook their little artichoke hearts out for your group. You can watch, pitch in, and maybe learn a kitchen secret or two. It's like your own private cooking show, except that it smells way better. Plus, you get to eat everything. The menu? We'll work out a few courses based on what's in season, local, and to your liking. And if you're thirsty, bring whatever you would like to drink, and we will set you up with a self-service bar.

Black Box

You know those shows where everyone gets a mystery box of who-knows-what and they have to make something amazing out of it? Like that. If your group is into a little friendly kitchen competition, we'll break you up into teams and start the clock. Guided by one of our friendly house chefs, your teams will race to a delicious finish - and a victory dinner for all to enjoy. Points will be awarded based on sportsmanship, flavour, creativity and presentation. By the way, we're crazy about eel and watermelon salad with gummy bear croutons.

Kitchen Party

Aprons for everybody! Cooperation, not competition, is the main course as one of our house chefs will guide your group as you prepare a multi-course masterpiece. Did you know that 'team' and 'meat' are anagrams? Anyway, we'll talk a bit about the source of the evening's meal, teach your people some terrific kitchen tips, and we'll help you build a team faster than you can say "let's dice those daikons - together!" Will there be wine? Yes, feel free to bring your own and we will set you up with a self-service bar area.

The fine print:

  • A 50% deposit is required at time of booking, and is fully refundable up to 30 days before your event. The balance is due 48 hours prior to your event.

  • Half of the deposit is refundable, up to 14 days before your event. The deposit is non-refundable less than 14 days prior to your event.
  • If you need to change the date of your event you may do so once, for free, up to 14 days before your event. Any additional date changes will have a $100 charge. We are sorry, but we cannot accommodate date changes less than 14 days prior to your event.
  • Final number of guests is required 48 hours before your event (with no changes allowed following this time - if a guest is unable to attend within this period, please send somebody in their place)

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    What our Customers are saying

    "This is a great venue to gather everyone outside of the office environment and have a fun evening with your co-workers.  Our chef  was wonderful and got everyone involved, and the pizzas we created were amazing.  We would highly recommend this experience for any group!"  
    - Tammy, Andrew Sheret Ltd.

    “We had a great Christmas Party at Cook Culture.  It provided the right blend of interaction and socializing, while at the same time learning something new.  But best of all, it was the absolutely excellent meal. ”  
    - Mandy, President & CEO, Accent Inns

    "I recently took 14 of my staff to Cook Culture for an Indian cooking class, as our summer staff party. It was great to get everyone involved and interacting with each other in a new way. The feedback was unanimously positive. The food we prepared was another highlight. It was as good or better than any restaurant meal I've had in recent memory."  
    - Ben, owner, Fernwood Coffee

    "We recently hosted an evening for 10 people. It was excellent in all respects. The dinner was very good, the Chef was informative and enjoyable, and the service was terrific.  It was a great deal of fun participating in some preparation, teaching from the Chef on the meal choices, and unlimited Q&A. Our entire group was very impressed and recommend it to everyone."  
    - Verne

    "We benefited from the team at Cook Culture, this summer, who created a magnificent anniversary dinner for us in our home. Ten of us sat down to dinner that evening, and I enjoyed the party as if I were an invited guest!   The staff's professional, yet friendly demeanor was obvious as soon as they entered our home.  Quiet and efficient, they checked about certain details well in advance of the guests' arrival.  The elements of the dinner required that the dinner plates be re-used for each course--no problem!  They efficiently washed them after each course and had them ready for the plating of the next gastronomic experience.  At the end of the evening, I was invited into the kitchen to ensure that everything was left in an acceptable condition.  Part of the pleasure of this experience was the knowledge that everything had been completed to a fine standard.  I wish I could have Cook Culture at every dinner party!"  
    - Rita and Ted 

    "Cook Culture was amazing.  With agility and savoir faire, they helped us arrange a stylish and delicious event for our guests.  We were delighted with the reception, customized culinary demonstration and exceptional service." 
    - Josée, Special Events Manager, Epicure Selections 

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