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Bird's Eye Maple Geometric Cutting Board - Size 1, Bowyer & Toulson


Provenance: Port Guichon, Ladner

Bowyer and Toulson's geometric serving boards have an angular beauty to them. Made from birds eye maple, they are perfect serving or chopping.

Bowyer & Toulson design and produce small quantities of wood products from their workshop in Ladner, south of Vancouver in Canada. Inspired by the natural elegance of wood, their simple design approach ensures the products natural beauty speaks for itself. Each piece is lovingly worked by hand and the provenance of every tree we work with is passed onto our customers.

Bowyer & Toulson source their lumber from a carefully selected group of local providers of reclaimed hardwoods who share their ethos and also arborists who have been asked to remove trees lost to winter wind storms.

​Every board is made from a single piece of wood, ensuring strength and endurance. Maintained well, these products will last a lifetime. We hope you enjoy using them as much as they enjoyed making them.

Dimensions (approx) 9 1/4 x 13 x 1in / 235 x 330 x 25mm

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