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The Big Fry Pan Trade-In

Posted by Jed Grieve on

Hello, I’m Jed. I, along with an amazing team, operate Cook Culture.

Today I’d like to talk to you about traditional non-stick cookware, or more specifically the coating. This is what many people refer to as Teflon, however it can take on many names, and the coating that I’m referring to is imbedded into many high-end cookware lines.

We all grew up with non-stick cookware, it’s been around since the 40’s. It was a housewifes dream when it hit the market - image, never burn another egg, and no clean up? Modern technology! this was the thinking. In those days our parents and grandparents had no reason to question what made it work. It was awesome! And this new method for coating cookware made a few people a lot of money.  

But is modern non-stick cookware safe? All the bad stuff has been taken out, right? The chemists that worked for the manufactures realised over time that there were serious problems with the some of the chemicals used - you have probably heard of PFOA, and PTFE’s. These are the chemicals in question - as in, are they carcinogenic?  The problem is that there’s so much power, money and influence at play that there’s no smoking gun. When scientists and activists started to corner the chemical companies, with their own science, the companies changed the chemical composition of the chemicals in question and went to work on a massive pr campaign to let everyone in the world know that there are no bad chemicals in Teflon (and the like)!

And here’s the thing - The chemical companies just may be right when they tell me that the latest non-stick coatings test below the most stringent standards and shouldn’t hurt us but I ask, why would we knowingly introduce chemicals into our homes and food when there are so many other negative environmental factors affecting us that we have very little control over?

Sorry, heavy, I know. But this is what I am here to say. I sold chemical covered non-stick cookware for years. And it’s an easy sell, everyone wants better and easier, right? But at what cost? The chemical industry would like me, as a retailer, to believe that all is right and I should just keep on selling. But I can’t. I won’t. Nearly two years ago I pledged to rid Cook Culture of anything with a teflon type non-stick coating and we lost a lot of business, which was expected.

But we have been working tirelessly to explain ourselves when a customer comes into one of our stores, fully expecting to buy a another non-stick fry pan (because they just tossed the last one, again). Nearly every time that we have a frypan conversation we are met with interest, and even enthusiasm.  Many times we’ve found that the customer already has a good non non-stick pan at home and they just need understanding how to use it, or season it.  

So we have put together a plan on how we can get more of you into the right cookware:

First, check the cookware you have. If you have any questions please bring it in or send us a picture. You may be happily surprised what is hiding in your collection.

Second, bring us your old non-stick pans. We don’t want you using them any more. With a trade in we will give you 30% off any frypan we sell. We hope that this deep discount will be a motivator for you to act.

So, with the support of Zwilling, Staub, All-Clad, de Buyer and Lodge, from now till Oct 15 we will offer you 30% off any frypan, with a trade in. We have made a fun, interactive questionnaire to help you navigate towards the perfect cookware for your cooking style.  Also for those of you that would like the latest information regarding Teflon please check out more of our blog posts.

We look forward to seeing you, and your old frypans, in store soon!

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