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Electric Orange Juice

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Electric Orange Juice

Fresh fruit and vegetable juice's are an amazing medicine. The addition of dark leafy greens is always a good choice as well. Although for the novice juicer this recipe gives a strong dose of medicine with the delicious flavour as well.

Recipe from Cosmo's new class, Meals to live by: Foods That Fight Cancer.


5 oranges
1 pineapple
3-5 carrots
1-2 red peppers
Fresh turmeric - thumb sized chunk
Optional: ginger, grapefruit, kale, or stir in some spirulina after juicing


Wash and peel oranges and pineapple. Leave skin on carrots if they wash up nicely. Leave skin on turmeric, and ginger too if using.

Set up juicer.

Cut all ingredients into small 3 inch chunks. Turmeric into small chunks.

Run through the juicer, serve and enjoy!


To find out more about what Chef Cosmo Meens is up to, keep an eye out for his classes with us here or follow him on Instagram to see what he's cooking.

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