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Looking To Eat Healthy-ish In 2016?

Posted by Jed Grieve on

(Photo Courtesy of the Vancouver Sun)


It can nourish, comfort, heal and power us. But what are the right ingredients, how much, and how to cook it? Helping to answer these questions is why we at Cook Culture started our teaching kitchens; all of our classes are designed to answer these questions and help you enjoy cooking more. From basic knife skills, to multi-part boot camps, to amazing French desserts, we have something for everyone! We want you to have more fun in the kitchen, and help you make positive changes to your diet to live a happier, fuller life.

Making Change

The United Nations declared that 2016 is the International Year of Pulses (pulses include: kidney beans, lima beans, butter beans, chickpeas, and pigeon peas, to name just a few). This means that the United Nations wants to encourage the world to eat less animal protein and more globally responsible vegetable based protein. Why? Because they believe that, globally, we depend too much on resource heavy and costly meat protein and cannot continue on the path we are on.

At Cook Culture, we couldn't be more thrilled about this. We have discussions in store everyday about how the planet, with a global population of over 7 billion people, will be able to feed everyone in the future. We are not saying we have the answers but, as a start, we can help people learn how to cook food that is healthier and more sustainable.

Check out this article in the Vancouver Sun from January 5 which highlights the work that our instructors and suppliers are doing right now to improve the food that we put on our plates.



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