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Father’s Day – Top Five Gifts

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Dad’s special day is just around the corner. Am I alone in thinking that the commercial aspect to Father’s Day sometimes seems like a bit of a reach?

Unlike Mother’s Day, where breakfast in bed, a bouquet of overpriced flowers and a macaroni-framed mug shot of the kids is pretty much de rigeur, finding the right gift or gesture for Father’s day can seem like a bit of a chore. For example, what’s a kid to do if Father doesn’t fit the typical stereotype of golfer/sports fan/car enthusiast? What if he doesn’t wear a tie, or he already has several photo mugs or mouse pads? 

In my opinion (sorry, Hallmark), nothing says “I love you, Dad” like a hug and a homemade meal. But this can be impossible if Dad is in another city. And admittedly, there’s something nice about a wrapped up gift on a special day, no matter how contrived said day might be. Below is a roundup of kitchen-inspired gift ideas that you can surprise Dad with, on their own or alongside that home cooked Father’s Day meal. 

1. Spiegelau Beer Glasses
If Dad’s a craft connoisseur, pick up an assortment of microbrews from the liquor store and wrap them up in plain paper along with these beer glasses. Have the kids decorate the wrapping with markers or crayons. Then, host a beer flight while Dad awaits his dinner. 

2. All Clad BBQ Tools
Coaxing dad into retiring the sub-par tools that came free with his BBQ will be easy once he sees the light. All Clad’s line of high-end, durable accessories take outdoor grilling to the next level. 

3. Staub Grills
If Dad isn’t so fortunate to live in our year-round barbecue climate, a Staub grill is the absolute next best thing. This is also a great gift for fathers-of-adults, who may be downsizing into a smaller place without space for an outdoor grill (plus it’ll probably outlive him, so it’s really an investment in your own future). 

4. Charcoal Companion V-Shaped Gas Grill Smoker Box with Pellet Tube
Does dad like fishing? Or eating meat? If you answered yes to either of those questions, he’ll probably love the Charcoal Companion. This smoker box is available in two sizes (6” and 14”) and attaches right onto the barbeque grill. 

5. Cooking Class 
If you’re buying for your husband/partner, this one might smell more like a not-so-subtle hint than a sincere gesture. But if you’re an adult buying for a parent with whom you don’t share a home, a cooking class is a fun experience that’ll leave Dad with a full stomach, a bunch of take-home tricks and, depending on the class, knowledge about a new type of cuisine.

- Dee

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