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If you’re reading this blog, by now you’ve probably heard the news. Victoria’s Cook Culture and Vancouver’s Cookworks have merged and amalgamated under the new Cook Culture brand. If we’re talking metaphors, consider this marriage as fulfilling as pizza and red wine. Tea and cake also works, depending on your preference.

In Victoria, the opening of Cook Culture five years ago was one catalyst in what’s come to represent something of a community renaissance around food. Local foodies, chefs, budding enthusiasts and everyone in between were no longer confined to their individual outposts (the home, the restaurant). Here was a place where everyone could now come together to shop, cook, convene, learn and share.

It’s a testament to a store’s success – particularly a kitchen store - when they can appeal to both the amateur and the pro. We have some great kitchen shops here in Victoria, but Cook Culture was the first store both my chef husband and my not-very-culinary father (who prides himself on his World Famous Pasta and World Famous Stir Fry, which unfortunately are indiscernible from each other) felt at home in.

So, what does this mean for Vancouverites? Well, the two existing Cookworks locations will be reopened under the Cook Culture name, for one thing. Inventory will be just as varied and fantastic as ever, likely with a few new gadgets and tools to boot. But perhaps the best news for mainland dwellers lies in what’s yet to come. This fall, Cook Culture will open a brand new shop in North Vancouver (Lonsdale and 13th); picture a similar concept to the popular Victoria flagship, with its class-size demo kitchen, but bigger.

For a born-and-bred Islander like myself, it’s extra exciting to see a Victoria-based business take root in Vancouver; usually, it tends to go the other way around. And one that promotes cooking, learning AND shopping? Well, cheers to that. - Dee

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