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Gifts for Bakers

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I don’t know about you, but I find bakers super easy to buy for. Home bakers tend to love gadgets, small-wares and recipe books much more than the average person, giving you ample fodder for years of gift-giving. And they’re always such nice people, so it makes them that much easier to spoil. Below I’ve rounded up a few great gift ideas geared towards three different ‘profiles’ of the bakers in your life.

The Budding Enthusiast

Give a child a cookie and he’ll eat for a minute. Teach a child to bake, and you’ll eat for life. If you’re shopping for a little chef this Christmas (smart move!), start them with their very own basics:

1. Mixing Bowls Melamine - Set of 6

2. Danesco Mini Festive Silicone Spatula

3. Good Grip Measure Cup Mini 1/4cup

4. Silpat Nonstick Baking Mat - Petite Jelly Roll

5. USA Pans Aluminized Steel 13x9-in. Jelly Roll Pan

6. Cuisipro Christmas Imprint Cookie Cutter Set

7. Pie School: Lessons in Fruit, Flour & Butter Cook Book


The Trend Lover

You know the one, she - well, it’s usually a 'she’ - has her finger on the pulse of the hottest dessert trends and always shows up to the party with the most impressive-looking treats. To satisfy the Trend Lover, you need to shop on the cutting edge.

1. Mastrad Cupcake Kit

2. Mastrad Mini Pies and Ravioli Kit

3. Fox Run 32-Piece Icing Set

4. Escali Arti Digital Glass Kitchen Scale

5. Gluten-Free Holiday Cook Book



The Pro

The Pro can be a little trickier. I live with one, so I know. For people like this, if you haven’t memorized the expansive inventory of items they likely already have, you could be risking an embarrassing double purchase. Even worse, you might get a gracious but slightly patronizing smile if you chose a gift that only an amateur would appreciate (destined to remain in its package in the back of the cupboard forever). For The Pro, I would suggest a gift card. As boring as that seems, he or she will probably be pleased to choose their own items. - Dee


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