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Dee's Top Ten Stocking Stuffers

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Is Santa coming up a little short on stocking stuffer ideas for the grown-ups in your life? I’ve got you (er - him) covered! Browse my Top Ten list to get inspired.

1. Charles Viancin Winterberry Silicone Lid 21 cm 
Give your love one more reason to ditch the cling wrap with these lovely silicone lids. They easily seal themselves to your containers and are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe!

2. Fernwood Coffee 1936 Espresso
Far more favourable than a lump of coal, but with a mildly reminiscent appearance, a bag of artisan espresso is the perfect gift for anyone on the Naughty List.

3. Prepara Herb Savor
Keep herbs fresh for weeks in this handy upright hydration compact - small enough to fit inside the fridge door.

4. Danica Studio Swedish Dishcloths
Give your loved one a gentle nudge to help out more with the cleanup. He/She will be so distracted by the cute designs, they won’t even realize what you’re up to!

5. Zotter Scotch Whiskey Highland Harvest Chocolate Bar
If the above plan doesn’t work, you’ll be quickly forgiven for the dish cloth misstep when said gift takes a bite out of this treat…bitter dark chocolate filled with whiskey cream.

6. Fox Run 2.5" Mortar & Pestle 
This cute little set is perfect for those who like to grind their spices fresh per meal. It’s also available in larger sizes.

7. Espro Coffee Press 8oz Stainless Steel
This is maybe a bit of a splurge for a stocking, but justifiable because it’s so damn useful.

8. Cuisipro Egg Poacher Red Silicone - Set of 2
Poaching is super easy with this neat tool - simply crack your egg into the pod and hook it to the edge of the pan. Gently wiggle to release the egg.

9. Dick Taylor Fleur de Sel Chocolate Bar
Artisanal Chocolate with Salt, enough said.

10. Browne Dough Bench Scraper
Despite its unexciting appearance, the bench scraper is the unsung hero of the baker’s kitchen. They’re also handy for rounding up chopped veggies for the pan (don’t you dare use that beautiful Japanese knife!) and scraping ice off your car windshield. - Dee

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