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Seven Perfect Gifts for Coffee Geeks

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I don’t know about you, but waking up when it’s still dark outside is pretty much my worst nightmare. Some days there’s nothing but the gentle slap-to-the-face of hot coffee that can get me going, and often the quality of that hit sets the tone for my whole day. That, combined with my fascination with the technical side of food & drink, means I’m always on the lookout for cool gadgets to make my mornings as relaxed and delicious as possible.

Chances are you know someone like me — or you might even be one yourself. Whether you’re looking for the ideal gift for your bean-crazed sweetheart, or something to casually hint at, here’s the Cookworks list for you.

Why, this coffee could be automatic! Systematic! Hydromatic!


Nespresso VertuoLine + Aeroccino $349.00
For those mornings when you can do little more than press a button, the recent wave of capsule coffeemakers are ideal. The centrifusion system in this VertuoLine spins the capsules at up to 7000 rpm to optimally blend the water and coffee, and a barcode scanner ensures each capsule is brewed with the correct time, heat, and so forth whether espresso or drip-style. The Aeroccino frother also allows for cappuccinos and lattes on top of everything else.

MoccaMaster KBGT Chrome Coffee Maker $349.00
If drip-style filter coffee is your art, this is your brush. The KBGT is probably the single best home vacuum brewer in the world. Hand-built and tested in the Netherlands, the KBGT brews ten cups in only six minutes, keeping the water at a perfect 92-94 degrees and auto-stopping when it’s done. It’ll send Mr. Coffee packing in no time.

Breville Barista Express $599.00 ($100 off!)
Some of us might be able to make it out of bed and into the kitchen, but we’re basically sleepwalking until we wear the scream of an espresso maker. The Barista Express adds its own grinder to the mix, giving you the freshest possible grounds and another level of sonic wakeup fuel — plus, it’s fully adjustable in fineness and dose. It’s even got a little tool tray.

Actually can I get that in a to-go mug?


Espro French Press 8oz – 1l $79.95-$119.95
Heralded as the first complete update to the French press in over 30 years, the Espro uses a double-filter system to provide all the richness and mouthfeel of this classic brewing method without the grit of leftover grounds. The stainless steel body keeps your coffee warm for hours, is essentially unbreakable, and comes in three sizes for single or multiple servings.

AeroPress Espresso & Coffee Maker $37.95
What would a coffee lover’s wishlist be without a mention of the AeroPress? Beloved by traveling pros and home aficionados alike, this thing makes rich, delicious coffee with minimal equipment for an incredible price. As Ben Cram of Fernwood Coffee put it, “It’s probably one of the best single cup methods across the board.”

Hario Slim Mini Hand Grinder $45.00 & Porlex Tall Hand Grinder $79.00
Both of the above methods are great for portability, but even they can’t work magic with dried-out grounds. These hand grinders are adjustable for a range of different sizes and allow you to keep your beans whole until right before brewing. They might even fit in a stocking!

Don’t be afraid to espresso yourself

Fernwood 1936 Espresso 340g $13.95
Cookworks is proud to share this delicious Yirgacheffe espresso blend with coffee lovers in Vancouver. Roasted in Victoria’s Fernwood neighbourhood by Ben Cram and his team, this blend is known for its signature fruit notes and sweetness thanks to naturally processed beans. And if you’re more of a drip person, their current selection features rich and complex flavours from roasted red pepper to caramel and sweet cherry. Another perfect stocking stuffer. - Sol


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