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Induction 101

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Induction Cooking

You’ve probably heard of induction cooking, especially if you’ve bought a new stove in the last few years. Induction, or magnetic cooking is a simple process where a copper coil in the cooktop is electrically charged and creates heat in the cookpot on top of the stove. The trick? Your cookware must be magnetic. This means that you should be able to solidly stick a magnet to the bottom of the pot.

Induction ranges have been around for decades and are widely used throughout Europe, but have been slower to penetrate the North American market, until recently.

The decision making process is fairly easy. Induction cooktops are by far the most energy-efficient and make claims to be the fastest to heat water. However, a quality top can be pricey, so you need to weigh up the pros and cons for yourself.

What’s The Best For Induction? Well, It’s Sensation-al


There are many great cookware companies who make induction-ready cookware. However, there is one who stands above them all - Demeyere of Belgium.

The engineers at Demeyere have been working towards perfecting induction cookware for decades and are heads and shoulders above their competition. The only drawback is that Demeyere can be some of the priciest cookware out there. Worth the money? Yes. Do we all have the money to spend? No.

This is where it gets good. With all of Demeyere’s know-how of producing beautifully functional cookware, they attracted the attention of one of the biggest kitchenware companies in the world - our friends at Zwilling J.A. Henckels, who bought them in 2008.

Why? Zwilling knows that there is a massive emerging market in North America for induction-ready cookware and whoever delivers the right quality product for the right price will win, big.

So they challenged the engineers in their new company to come up with a product they would be proud of but would be affordable to most people searching for quality induction-ready cookware. The result? The Zwilling Sensation Cookware. All the same features that built the Demeyere name in a new Zwilling package - at about 30% less.

What About My Old Cast Iron Pan?


Well, you’re good to go! Across the board, cast iron is induction ready. Whatever item you have in cast iron, you will be able to use it just fine. We sell Staub French made enameled cast iron cookwarewith it’s iconic black interior and self-basting spikes on the inner surface of the lids.

Will My Old All-Clad Work On Induction?


If you bought your All-Clad within the last 10 years or so, then the answer is yes. However, the best test is to take a magnet to the bottom. If it sticks, hard, then it is ready for induction.

What Is The Best For The Least?


Easy - Zwilling TruClad 3-ply cookware. This is our best selling cookware by volume. Nothing can beat the quality-to-price of the TruClad. How does Zwilling deliver a high quality pan for a reasonable amount of money? It’s made in the orient. No one else on the planet makes such great cookware for such good value as the Chinese. They know a thing or two about making things, especially steel cookware.

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