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Chef Peter Zambri

Peter’s palate was shaped by growing up in an Italian household and part of an extended family of food lovers. This childhood spawned a quest to find the perfect place in the world to live and cook great food. Peter began his career at esteemed establishments in Toronto and Vancouver earning the opportunity to work in both the kitchen and the gardens of the world- renowned Sooke Harbour House on Vancouver Island. There he was introduced to the amazing bounty of the Island and started to truly understand the relationship between food and the land you live on.

But Peter is a wanderer at heart, so culinary education continued with extensive travels to South East Asia and India. Here his eyes were opened to the glory of the East and its diverse food philosophies; however, it was after the death of his beloved grandfather he felt a need to further explore his own ethnicity which resulted in his four year of living in Italy. Traveling and cooking there brought him back to his food roots and the deep understanding of the connection between the land, food and people. He was further able to form his own philosophy about an uncomplicated yet passionate approach to food and wine. On a trip home to Canada, Peter realized that the best to be had could be easily found on Vancouver Island.

At Zambri’s he has been able to bring together his artistry and passion for cooking, love of food and commitment to the place one lives. He has been part of the Island Chef Co-Operative; trained and fostered a number of younger cooks who now have gone on to successful careers of their own and actively participates in food-related programs on Vancouver Island.
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