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Zotter 70g Caramel Nougat "Fudge"


Caramel couverture Sweet & hip: Fudge is the name of the trendy cream toffee which Americans and Australians adore. Zotter creates a tender almond nougat fudge out of caramelized almonds. With caramel crisps and a coating of caramel chocolate.

Ingredients: raw cane sugar*°, almonds°(22%), cocoa butter*°, full cream milk powder°, whole cane sugar*°, caramel crisp°(6% - raw cane sugar° & glucose syrup° & butter°), cocoa mass*°, butter°, sweet whey powder°, emulsifier: soy lecithin°, iodized salt, vanilla° Cocoabutter: 32% minimum in the caramel chocolate*° Gluten free

- Hand scooped
- Certified Organic and Fair Trade
- 70g bar
- Made in Austria

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