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Kitchen Supply Pizza Stone, 16"x14"


Create restaurant-quality pizzas at home with a Kitchen Supply Co. 16x14-inch Baking/Pizza Stone. The porous clay stone absorbs moisture so the crust gets crunchy and the toppings stay crisp. The baking stone also absorbs heat so the cheese is perfectly melted and meats are cooked evenly. The stone is also ideal for flat breads, rolls and focaccia. Since it's fired at over 2000 degrees and pressed under 100 tons of pressure, this clay pizza stone is extremely durable and can also be used outdoors, on both charcoal and gas grills. This clay pizza stone has a Heat Core feature which concentrates heat in the center of the pie and then diffuses it outward evenly, creating a perfectly crispy crust from center to edge. The stone adeptly handles high heat, and it's oven safe at temperatures exceeding 500 degrees F. It's also easy to care for. Just wipe it clean with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly. A must for any serious home pizza enthusiast!
- Baking stone absorbs moisture and concentrates heat for a crisp crust- Oven safe to over 500 degrees F- Multi-purpose baking stone- Dimensions 16"x14"- Easy to clean

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