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Espro Stainless Glass Coffee Press 32oz


Brewing is a sight to behold. That’s why we created the P5, so people can see the magic of the ESPRO Press at work. The P5 takes the classic sophistication of a traditional glass French press and perfects it through design and technology. Simply put, the P5 is safer, is more durable, and keeps beverages warmer than other glass presses on the market. We invented a patent-pending Safety LockTM to completely secure the glass inside the steel cage, and finally eliminate the industry’s issue of glass slipping out while pouring. We designed the German-made Schott Duran® glass to be 40% thicker than a traditional press. And we included our patented double micro-filter for a clean, delicious cup with none of the typical grit and mess.

- The design stops extraction on a dime. The buffer between the two filters and the fine filter mesh safely contain over-extracted coffee, so every sip tastes perfect
- A two-year collaboration with Germany’s Schott-Duran delivers 40% thicker glass that is more robust, and stays hotter longer
- Insulated lid holds in heat to keep the brew toasty
- ESPRO’S patent-pending double tea micro-filter sweeps leaves into an isolated chamber to stop the brew
- Patent pending safety lock ensures the glass vessel cannot come loose, yet is easily removable for cleaning without tools
- ESPRO’s patented double micro-filter creates the distinct, rich flavor of a press without any grit
- Grinds and tea leaves are fully immersed during brewing, so extraction is perfectly even
- Optional paper filters help re-create the flavors of pour-over coffee

*Designed in Vancouver, BC

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