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Cuisipro V-Grater Rasps


The V Grater Collection is a set of precisely crafted tools designed to enhance the grating experience. The durable construction, Surface Glide Technology and V pattern will allow you to great more with less effort than ever.

- V pattern guides grating movement to improve safety and efficiency of each stroke
- Patented Surface Glide Technology™: Grate more with less effort
- Constructed with durable stainless steel for long lasting use and enjoyment
- The solid flat frame designed not to bend and will withstand years of use
- Non-slip band for stability when grating
- Protective cover doubles as measuring tool
- Comfortable knurled non-slip handle
- Dishwasher safe, handwash preferred

Starburst blade is ideal for creating a fine mist of powdery parmesan cheese or chocolate to garnish your food
Shaver blade grates is perfect for slicing garlic or chocolate shavings as a garnish
Coarse blade grates cheddar and soft cheeses to create small strands
Fine blade grates silky texture with dry ingredients like citrus and or hard cheeses

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