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Cuisipro Surface Glide Graters


A versatile collection of rasps that handles a wide variety of common daily grating tasks completes a cook’s arsenal of important grating surfaces. The Surface Glide Technology takes the etched blade a step further and makes the graters sharp and more productive - grating more with less effort.

- Ergonomic shaped handle with non-slip finish
- Non-slip ends for grating stability and safety
- Protective cover doubles as a measuring device
- Hand wash preferred
- Stainless steel blade

SHAVER RASP - for shaving chocolate and Parmesan
COARSE RASP - for most cheeses and vegetables
DUAL RASP - for soft cheese, vegetables and chocolate
FINE RASP - perfect for grated citrus zest, Parmesan, garlic, nutmeg and cinnamon
STARBURST RASP - ideal for creating a fine mist of powdery parmesan cheese or chocolate to garnish your food
FLAT GRATERS - consist of a large grating surface and blades that are suited to cover off daily grating tasks and also handle more elaborate and decorative grating tasks

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