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B.C. from Scratch Series: Seafood Favorites Class 2/19 (Lonsdale)

B.C. from Scratch Series: Seafood Favorites Class 2/19 (Lonsdale)

$90.00 Location: Lonsdale Cooking School
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Join BC From Scratch author, Denise Marchessault, for a cooking series that will change the way you cook, shop for, and think about food.

This practical series covers the classic fundamentals of cooking, the building blocks that lead to great-tasting food. The course will highlight BC’s seasonal abundance, from land and sea, and address your cooking conundrums along the way. You’ll learn sound techniques and straightforward recipes that will rejuvenate your cooking repertoire.

Whether you’re a reluctant novice or a seasoned cook, this course is certain to boost your confidence in the kitchen and fill in those culinary gaps.

Seafood Favourites

Try your hand at some classic, enduring culinary techniques for cooking your favourite market fresh fish. Recipes include fish en papiotte (in parchment), pan-seared fish with sun-dried tomato butter, cod served in a saffron fennel broth, and a classic salt-cured salmon.


  • fish en papiotte
  • pan-seared fish with sun-dried tomato butter
  • cod in a saffron fennel broth
  • salt-cured salmon

If you choose to take the entire 6-part series, you will receive a complimentary copy of the B.C. from Scratch Cookbook.

Demonstration and Hands-on

3 hours  11am-2pm

Please note: We will do our best to accommodate all allergies and dietary sensitivities or restrictions, but our facilities come in contact with all types of foods. We cannot guarantee there will be no cross-contamination. Please let us know of any dietary concerns when you are placing your order, in the notes section of your shopping cart.

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Lonsdale Cooking School

1230 Lonsdale Ave
Vancouver, BC V7M 2H6

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Chef Denise Marchessault

Denise Marchessault, couldn’t decide between a sweet or savoury path so she studied both. Classically trained in French cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu, Ottawa, Denise holds Le Grand Diplôme, a blue-ribboned’ two thumbs up for diplomas in pastry and cuisine.


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