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Amedei Chuao 70%

The chocolate community watched with awe as the international press outlets jumped to boldly call Amedei the "best chocolate in the world" when they made their debut eight years ago. Amedei has since garnered the necessary chocolate awards to match the praise. While some chocolate experts may not agree that Amedei is the best, they will readily admit it has held sway as "Queen of the Hill" in the chocolate world since their commanding explosion onto the scene.
Amedei is the pinnacle of classic European treatment of cacao beans: darker roast than most American artisans, cocoa butter, and vanilla. Regardless of which bar, Amedei's chocolate brings to mind aromas of perfumed woods, fine tobaccos, and jam. For us, Amedei is the desert island chocolate. Maybe not the most dramatic-tasting chocolate, but if you could only have one for the rest of your life, the only decision would be which Amedei bar to pick.
-70% cacao-Made in Tuscany, Italy-Size: 50g

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