Brad Williams


Chef Brad Williams began his career over 15 years ago in Malaspina’s cook training program and has learned many types of cuisine and styles of cooking along the way from tenures in Fairmont Hotels, Pan Pacific Vancouver, and Ritz Carlton Hotels. Most recently, though, it is the romance of bread that has captured his interest: the simplicity of a few basic ingredients (grain flour, water, naturally occurring yeast, and salt) coming together to create the staple of civilization.

Despite the simplicity, there is real artistry in making great bread. Chef Brad is now on a quest to create exceptional bread.  He has studied with many bakers and pastry chefs and read countless books, but he has come to realize that true mastery of the craft is the result of getting your hands dirty, acquiring “textural knowledge” as he puts it— the kind of intimate understanding that only comes from having made thousands of loaves with your own two hands.  The taste of artisanal bread can transport you to another place and time; Chef Brad invites you to join him on his bread-making journey.


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