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Fry Pans

5 Steps to Successful Stainless Steel Fry Pan Cooking, or....How to Fry an Egg!

  1. Choose a good quality pan for the job - One of our most frequent requests is for a reliable breakfast pan, preferably non-stick. Turns out that “non-stick” usually means easy to clean, not fat free cooking. Almost everyone has a stainless steel pan horror story to relate. Sure, some flimsy pans will never be your go-to pan, but our quality Zwilling and All-Clad lines each offer excellent fry pans.So many choices... three ply, five ply, copper, what the heck to choose? We recommend the best quality that you can afford – you are cooking for yourself and your family’s health and enjoyment! To help you choose the stainless steel pan that will do the job and start the day on the right note, our chefs take our brands on in a head-to-head comparison.

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