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Gougéresby Chef Denise Marchessault "If I have a signature appetizer, it is gougères — an irresistibly light French pastry, made with Gruyère cheese. I’ve made thousands, maybe more. I serve them warm at the start of each cooking class, filling the kitchen with the enticing aroma of freshly baked pastry. I’m convinced it was the warm gougères that bring my students back for more." Ingredients 1 cup 2% or whole milk1 cup water3/4 cup unsalted butter, cut into pieces2 tsp salt2 tsp sugar2 cups all-purpose flour4  – 5 eggs, plus 1 egg for the glaze1 cup Gruyère cheese (more or less, if desired)...

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Crunchy Almond Butter

Crunchy Almond Butterby Kateland Clarke, Marketing Manager “I like my nut butter simple, a little salt and a lot of crunch. Slathered on rye toast or rice cakes, stirred through oatmeal, swirled in cookie dough, or straight out the jar with a spoon! Plus it full of plant based protein and healthy fats, making it the perfect snack to keep your energy levels upand your blood sugar stable all day!” Ingredients 300g almonds1/2 tsp salt Method Roast the almonds in a 180c oven for 15 minutes. Place 1/4 cup of the roasted almonds into your Vitamix or food processor and...

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Vanilla & Almond Granola

Vanilla & Almond Granolaby Kateland Clarke, Marketing Manager Make a batch of this on a Sunday afternoon and you've got breakfast for the week ahead all ready to go! Ingredients 2 cups rolled oats3/4 cup steel cut oats1/4 cup oat bran3/4 cup flaked almonds1/4 cup hemp seeds2 tbsp coconut sugar1 tbsp vanilla extract1/4 cup coconut oil1/3 cup maple syrup1/2 tsp cinnamon Method Preheat the oven to 160c, and get two large baking trays out ready. Measure out all of the dry ingredients and mix together well. Melt the coconut oil and stir in the rest of the wet ingredients until...

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Creamy Almond & Garlic Pasta with Tomatoes and Spinach

Creamy Almond & Garlic Pasta with Tomatoes and Spinachby Chef Annabelle Choi You would have no clue that this dish contains no dairy - heaven in a bowl! Ingredients 3 cups (450 g) grape tomatoes, halved10 ounces (283 g) pasta (such as linguini or fettuccine)Olive oil2 medium shallots, diced (~1/4 cup or 40 g)8 large cloves garlic, minced/grated (1/4 cup or 24 g)Sea salt and black pepper3-4 Tbsp (25-33 g) unbleached all purpose flour (or another thickener of choice)*2 1/2 cups (600 ml) unsweetened plain Almond Milk (sub up to 1 cup with veggie stock, if preferred)1 bunch of spinach...

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Fool-Proof Marinara Sauce

Fool-Proof Marinara Sauceby Chef Cosmo Meens Take your homemade pizzas, pastas, and more to the next level with this fool-proof marinara! Ingredients 1 can whole peeled roma tomatoes1 cup diced yellow onion1 tbs chopped garlic1 tsp fennel seed (crushed a bit in mortar and pestle)1 tsp dried oregano2 tsp sugar or honey2 tbs olive oilPinch chilliessalt and pepper Method Saute onions and garlic with olive oil. Add fennel seeds and chillies. Add can of tomatoes and cut with two knives in the pot. Add oregano, sugar, salt and pepper and stew for one hour. Taste and season then use immediately or...

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