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Chef Anna Hunt

A native of Victoria, Anna Hunt was born into a family big on sharing food, wine, and each other’s company.  Fuelled by a passion for food and learning, Anna has spent much of her life in the kitchen.  She began to develop her culinary talents more seriously in Montreal, where she studied French pastry and rose through the ranks at Montreal’s popular Taverne sur le Square.

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Chef Akemi Akutsu

Chef Akemi Akutsu was born and raised in Japan.  Akemi’s love of food is deep-rooted; her family has cultivated rice, soybean and shiitake mushrooms for four generations and her parents own a busy restaurant in Tochigi, Japan.

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Chef Cosmo Meens

Co creator of Mo:le Restaurant, Cafe Bliss and the late Village Family Marketplace, Cosmo Meens has been featured in Western Living, Eat, Boulevard, Monday, Vancouver Sun and the Times Columnist.

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Chef Tara Black

Tara is a local BC girl, she grew up in the Kootenay's and moved to Vancouver Island as a teenager. Tara started to play in kitchens before she could walk. Her family taught her that backyard gardening, game meats, fresh dairy and home baked bread were the starting points to a good meal. 

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Chef Ned Bell

Executive Chef Ned Bell’s cooking philosophy is farm-to-table. He is passionate about creating globally inspired dishes crafted with locally grown ingredients with an emphasis on sustainable seafood.

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Chef Michael Williams

Once Chef Michael (a.k.a. Shaw TV's 'Island Chef') received his culinary diploma from Camosun College, he hopped a plane to Switzerland and worked at an award winning 5-star hotel in the capital. On the way home he stopped in Boston and New York for a work stint, including working along side Daniel Boulud at his world famous Daniel’s, before landing at the Aerie Resort.  

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Chef Megan Hennis

Megan has been making pastries and cooking since her parents let her use the kitchen. She grew up with a family who was passionate about food and cooking, and enjoyed learning to bake using fresh ingredients from their garden and fruit trees. 

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Chef Khalil Akhtar

Khalil Akhtar is an award-winning radio journalist at the CBC.  His weekly food issues column appears on local CBC radio programs across the country.  Whether it's the growing taste for wine in China or how marmite shortages affect New Zealanders, Khalil takes a weekly look at how the food we eat shapes the lives we lead. 

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Chef Joseph Lake

Passionate, driven and undeniably talented, Chef Joseph Lake started his culinary career when he was14 working as a dishwasher at a Truck Stop in Missoula, Montana.  Joseph turned his innate cooking ability into a career by completing the Professional Cook Program at Camosun College in 1999. 

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Chef Jason MacIsaac

After graduating from Dubrulle French Culinary School, Chef Jason MacIsaac has been slipping through the shadows of the culinary underbelly, cooking both locally and internationally in search of the Holy Grail.

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