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What’s so great about a high-power blender? The Vitamix with Cosmo Meens

26 November 2014

I won’t deny it. There is something exciting about seeing a Vitamix blender on the counter. I could wax poetic about the ironclad Made-in-USA construction, the seven-year warranty, or the easy self-cleaning. But the most compelling thing about these blenders is their potential to radically change what’s possible in your kitchen.

The Essential Tool for Safe Shucks

25 November 2014

I’m typing this column with two hands, which is the first clue that my inaugural oyster shucking experience didn’t end in carnage. In fact, it was quite the opposite, thanks to a handy little device that should be an essential in the drawer of any self-respecting West Coast oyster lover.

Fair-Trade, Single-Origin, Craft-Brewed Dessert — Artisanal Chocolate with Eagranie Yuh

24 November 2014

Craft beer, single-origin coffee, locally-raised bacon — high quality ingredients are a welcome trend these days, transmogrifying our meals into new seasonal and sensory experiences. But while there’s plenty of savoury options to experiment with, those of us with a sweet tooth are sometimes left feeling a little unfulfilled.

Why buy a Japanese knife? It’s all in the feeling

23 November 2014

Everyone needs to eat, and so cooking is a truly fundamental human skill. It connects us with our environment and gives us a chance to instill passion into our everyday lives. The wonderful thing about good tools is that they lend cooking a grace and ease that can reconnect us with the joy of what we’re doing, whether it’s making something simple after a long day, prepping an extravagant weekend meal, or firing yet another restaurant dish.

10” Fry Pans Go Head-to-Head – All-Clad vs. Sensation with Mike Williams

22 November 2014

The ten-inch frying pan is a kitchen cornerstone. Whether you’re searing meats, sautéing veggies or making a sauce, it’s an easy and dependable utensil, especially if you’ve invested in quality. But what makes a great pan great? Why go from better to best? Read on as Shaw TV “Island Chef” Michael Williams and I test out a couple of Cook Culture’s most popular brands to find out which comes out on top.