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New SOMA Chocolate bars on the shelf

22 August 2012

Grown in Peru, made in Toronto. These new mini-bars are infused with Wild Cherries, Roasted Hazelnuts or Seville Orange Peel. 64% - $7.50 each

Wedding Cake Decorating - Saturday

17 August 2012

Aside from the gorgeous weather and all the fun, summery things that go along with warm days – trips to the lake and barbeques – there are also lots of great things happening downtown in Victoria and right here in the store this weekend.

No-Knead Bread

30 July 2012

It almost sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? One of the bigger trends in bread-making over the past few of years has been no-knead bread. I have friends who’ve tried it, family members who have raved about it and we’ve even written about it in past CC newsletters – but it wasn’t until this past week that I tried it for myself.

Introducing... the cherry pitter

14 July 2012

Last summer, I inherited an old family heirloom – my grandmother’s cherry pitter. Each summer, my grandmother would patiently wash, pit and turn the bounty of cherries growing in the backyard into homemade preserves and pies for her family. She was known for canning large jars of whole pitted cherries as well as for her cherry pies - and the light, flaky crusts that always turned out so perfectly.

Testing out the Cuisinart Smart-Stick Hand Blender

19 June 2012

Guest food blogger Kristy Gardner of Gastronomical Sovereignty recently received a Cuisinart Smart-Stick Hand Blender and was kind enough to share her experiences having fun as she tests it out:

Out of all the kitchen tools I use, I love my food processor the most. But that undying love was put to the test recently when I received a Cuisinart Smart-Stick Hand Blender as a gift from my significant other.