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Homebrew Coffee Tools with Ben Cram of Fernwood Coffee

28 November 2014

Coffee at home or at work is often of the set-it-and-forget it variety, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The constantly growing field of high quality, locally roasted origin coffee has people exploring different methods for extracting the most flavour, and many of them are easy to do on your own. Homebrew has plenty of benefits, from the inexpensive price-per-pound, to the freedom of experimenting with different temperatures and brew times — plus, the ability to try whatever brand or blend catches your eye.

Holiday Baking Part 1: All Loaf Pans Are Not Created Equal

27 November 2014

I’m not sure how you approach your kitchen gear acquisitions, but in my house, baking pans hold a pitiful position on the hierarchy of wares. After all, aren’t all loaf pans and cookie sheets pretty much the same? I’ve come to realize this is incorrect, especially when considering giving away baked goods as gifts. I don’t mind eating my own misshapen, partially burnt fruit loaf or pound cake, but giving one away or serving it to a guest can be a tad embarrassing.

What’s so great about a high-power blender? The Vitamix with Cosmo Meens

26 November 2014

I won’t deny it. There is something exciting about seeing a Vitamix blender on the counter. I could wax poetic about the ironclad Made-in-USA construction, the seven-year warranty, or the easy self-cleaning. But the most compelling thing about these blenders is their potential to radically change what’s possible in your kitchen.

The Essential Tool for Safe Shucks

25 November 2014

I’m typing this column with two hands, which is the first clue that my inaugural oyster shucking experience didn’t end in carnage. In fact, it was quite the opposite, thanks to a handy little device that should be an essential in the drawer of any self-respecting West Coast oyster lover.

Fair-Trade, Single-Origin, Craft-Brewed Dessert — Artisanal Chocolate with Eagranie Yuh

24 November 2014

Craft beer, single-origin coffee, locally-raised bacon — high quality ingredients are a welcome trend these days, transmogrifying our meals into new seasonal and sensory experiences. But while there’s plenty of savoury options to experiment with, those of us with a sweet tooth are sometimes left feeling a little unfulfilled.