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Why buy a Japanese knife? It’s all in the feeling

23 November 2014

Everyone needs to eat, and so cooking is a truly fundamental human skill. It connects us with our environment and gives us a chance to instill passion into our everyday lives. The wonderful thing about good tools is that they lend cooking a grace and ease that can reconnect us with the joy of what we’re doing, whether it’s making something simple after a long day, prepping an extravagant weekend meal, or firing yet another restaurant dish.

10” Fry Pans Go Head-to-Head – All-Clad vs. Sensation with Mike Williams

22 November 2014

The ten-inch frying pan is a kitchen cornerstone. Whether you’re searing meats, sautéing veggies or making a sauce, it’s an easy and dependable utensil, especially if you’ve invested in quality. But what makes a great pan great? Why go from better to best? Read on as Shaw TV “Island Chef” Michael Williams and I test out a couple of Cook Culture’s most popular brands to find out which comes out on top.

Meet Sol Kauffman - our new product blogger

21 November 2014

Vancouver-born photographer, writer and designer Sol Kauffman has had his hands dirty in food service for years, washing dishes and slinging pizzas. In 2008 he moved to Victoria to pursue a BFA in Creative Writing at UVic with a Minor in Journalism & Professional Writing. Since graduating he’s worked as a social media and communications consultant for several restaurants and other local businesses, helping companies develop their own unique voice.

Atlas Pasta Machine

20 November 2014

I’ve got one three-letter word to describe fresh pasta making with the Atlas machines: fun. And I would immediately follow this up with two other adjectives: time-consuming, satisfying.

Cooking Slow with Staub Cocottes

19 November 2014

It’s the first cold week of the season - at least by west coast standards. In my house, early November’s first gusts tend to trigger a surge of uncharacteristic domesticity. Suddenly, I want to stay home and cook. I picture greeting my husband and daughter at the top of the stairs at the end of the day, smiling baby on my hip, a feast of autumn’s harvest spread upon our dining room table.