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Hot soup and sharp knives at the ICC Food Fest

15 June 2012

We had a great time at the ICC Food Fest at Fort Rodd Hill, it was our first year being part of this festival and already we have big plans in the works for next year!

We were serving up slow food fast - vegetarian lentil soup courtesy of chef Cosmo Meens and his wife Leah, of the Hot and Cold Café in Cook Street Village (formerly The Soup Peddler). The soup was a big hit, which was topped with sea asparagus and served with homemade focaccia.

ICC Food Fest June 10

6 June 2012

This Sunday, we’re looking forward to being part of the Island Chefs Food Fest at Fort Rodd Hill in Colwood. The Cook Culture crew will be there demonstrating knife techniques and chef Cosmo Meens will be serving up his delicious vegetarian lentil soup from The Hot and Cold Café in Cook Street Village (formerly the Soup Peddler).

An Arabian Night to Remember

27 May 2012

At Cook Culture, one of the great things about the store and cook shop is having customers that are as passionate about cooking as we are. We spend each day helping people find just the right kitchen gear- everything from setting someone up with the right knife, recommending the perfect sized fry pan or a kitchen gadget that someone never knew could make cooking so easy.

The Mystery of the Mozza Knot

18 May 2012
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A magical moment was captured during one of Linda Michaluk's cheese-making classes this past fall. While Linda and  chef Mara Jernigan were demonstrating how easy it is to make fresh cheeses such as ricotta and mozzarella at home... Mara broke out the Mozza Knot. You can also see how it's done in Italy but Mara's way is much, much easier to follow.

Food, music and custard pie

7 May 2012

If you like to cook, chances are you also enjoy listening to music. When you’re in the kitchen, music can be inspiring, energizing and uplifting. For myself, whether I’m making soup, preparing dinner, baking or canning - music helps to clear the mind, keep spirits high and my energy up for all the tasks at hand.  Staying positive and relaxed becomes especially important when making a time-consuming dish or a complicated recipe.