January 2012

Your Weekend Planner, Jan. 28-29, 2012

27 January 2012

We've made it through the last week of January and hallelujah, the weekend’s here! There are lots of great reasons to come downtown this weekend and we hope a stop by Cook Culture is part of your plan. Join us this Saturday for our first (free) chocolate sampling of the year, from 11 am to 2 pm.  Chocolate extraordinaire David Mincey will be on hand with delicious samples from his carefully selected collection of artisan, small-batch chocolates. Chocolates you simply can't find anywhere else.

A Rather Pleasing Breads and Brunch Class

24 January 2012

There’s at least one thing chef Brad Williams’ breads and brunch class reminded us of earlier this month, and that’s how satisfyingly delicious a leisurely, homemade brunch can be.

Twelve people arrived at Cook Culture, early on a Saturday morning, eager to learn about the joy of baking from one of Victoria’s most passionate bread bakers.  To our delight, Brad already had treats baking in the oven, filling the store with the most wonderful smell. Because, as he says “hungry people aren’t learning people.” A fact we all quickly agreed on.

Have you ever dreamt of being a pastry chef?

11 January 2012

If you’ve every longed to throw caution to the wind, quit your day job and learn more about the simple art of pastry making than this is the course of you! And the good news is you can take our Pastry Basics with Chef Megan Hennis and still keep your day job.

Knife skills: Learn to chop, slice and dice like a pro

3 January 2012

It sounds a little like a horror movie but really it’s not. Learning how to use a knife isn’t as difficult or scary as it sounds. It’s an important part of developing good cooking skills and being efficient and safe in the kitchen. Recently, we had a fantastic knife skills class with chef Megan Hennis. During the small hands-on class, everyone took turns slicing and dicing carrots, cabbage and potatoes with gusto.