Free knife sharpening. (And flat tires.)

4 March 2012

Have you ever taken your car to Kal-Tire to have a flat repaired? Well, we did, and man were they great. Fixed the flat, checked the other tires, invited us back to re-tighten the wheel, and then to top it was free! That's right - Kal Tire offers free tire repair to anyone, if you bought the tires from them or not.

We were so impressed, and happy with the service (which these days doesn’t as happen as much as it could), we decided that we wanted to offer this type of value-added service in our business. But what?

We have studied and practiced knife sharpening for many years, so this became a no brainer. We invested in some commercial style equipment and voilà. Anytime you'd like to,  you're welcome to bring your knives to us for sharpening, for free. It doesn’t matter what they are, where you got them, Western or Asian - we'll look after them. We believe that a good knife is a sharp knife.